Lal kitab Remedies and Instructions to Perform the Remedies

In Lal kitab the remedies are given to reduce the impact of those planets, which are harmful to the human being .The remedies are easy, inexpensive and effective. These can be adopted by anyone without extra cost. The remedies are effortlessly easy to incorporate in daily life without changing the life style. These remedies are suitable for immediate results in the kaliyuga, because the traditional methods like yagya, Havana, japa and mantra have become complex and involve lot of expenditure and time. The remedies are as easy as establishing something in home or throwing something in running water.

Lal Kitab Astrologer in Delhi

The remedies should be adopted only after the consultation with an astrologer well versed in the principles of lal kitab. A lal kitab astrologer will be in the best position to give you remedies to adopt with his experience and knowledge of astrologer and palmistry. A lal kitab astrologer involves the study of palmistry to get the accurate birth time to make a chart to get the accurate position of planets. That is why, his study of the birth chart of a person and suggestions on the reading of the birth chart will be accurate compare to other astrologers, who don’t take the help of the lal kitab.

Instruction for performing remedies of lal kitab –

These remedies can be performed at any time. But the important condition is any remedy or remedies, recommended, by an astrologer, is that these must be observed or performed, as per suggestions, for 43 days, without any break. In case, a person is not able to perform the remedies and stopped the observance after few days, due to some personal problems, he or she can discontinue the observing of remedies for few days and then can start afresh for next 43 days, without any hindrance. The fact is that remedies should be performed without break for the stipulated period to get full impact.If some negative impact is observed, and then a person should immediately stop observing remedies and consult the astrologer.

To increase the beneficial influence of remedies, some rich washed with milk should be kept nearby at the time of start of the observance of the remedies.

The remedies performed before sun rise or after sunset will bring no reward. A Top Astrologer in Delhi will make the correct birth chart of a person for suggesting measures to avoid negative influence and increase the impact of beneficial planets.  Since precise day and time of birth is important in making birth chart, a Lal Kitab Astrologer in Delhi with use of palmistry can come to the accurate birth time of a person. This combination of palmistry and astrology helps to make the accurate birth chart. And the remedies and suggestion are based on birth chart. So, consulting lal kitab astrologer is the best option for getting accurate reading of one’s life course with astrology.



Significance of Lal Kitab and its Principles

Lal kitab was written in Persian language. It combines the fields of astrology and palmistry. That is why an astrologer, who deals with lal kitab, will have accurate predictions about the person by making birth chart on astrology principles and can gain additional information on the accurate birthday by studying his palm lines.  The book is in red color that is why it is called lal kitab.  The book is in poetic verses with and full of philosophy and hidden nuances about destiny. The original author of the book is not known.  The astrologer who suggests remedies from lal kitab, supplements them with his own knowledge and experience of traditional astrology.

The significance of the lal kitab is that the palmistry has been explained with astrology for better and accurate predictions.  In this book, each of the 42 divisions of the human brain is linked with the houses in the chart of the person and it is said that the sketch of the brain of a person is reflected on the palm of the person.  On the basis of these lines, an astrologer can draw the accurate horoscope of the person and can do the placement of planets in various houses on the birth chart. The birth time and the birth ascendant can be found out by reading the lines and mounts of the palm. Thus an astrologer, who is well versed in the lal kitab, can get accurate birth chart of a person, by just seeing the lines of the person.

The remedies, which are offered by the book, do not involve any rituals or doing certain complicated things.  They do not impact a person negatively, if not done in proper way. These measures do not inflict any damage on individuals and they are self defensive against evil.

The birth chart of an individual is prepared like the traditional astrology principles, but there is a bit difference. The Rashis are not taken into account for predictions and, therefore, the digits indicating the Rashis in a birth chart, based on traditional astrology, are scrapped. Secondly, for predictions the ascendant is treated as the first house and it is taken as the house of the first Rashi, i.e., Aries and moving progressively in a sequence up to the 12th house being that of Pisces.

To stop the evil influence of each planet, various measures are suggested by astrologers on the basis of lal kitab. These measures change the flow of negative force and bring positive forces in the life of a person. similarly  the  Best  Vastu Shastra Consultants  in Delhi , aligns the structure of the house or any building in such a way that it captures  positive energy and reduces the impact of negative energy .

For bringing positive desired results in life any person can consult a Lal Kitab Astrologer in Delhi as they combine the study of astrology and palmistry for accurate predictions.


Solve All Life Problems with Remedies from Lal kitab

Lal kitab (red color book) hence the name, was written in 19th century. The language used was Urdu. It covered vast subject of Vedic astrology. It has five books, which contain all the principles and knowledge of the subject. The book also contains easy to follow remedies and solution to problems affects life. Thus, lal kitab can be mentioned as a book on astrology and a system of astrology. Initially, it was written in Persian language. The original author, who wrote the book, is not known.

Astrologers consult this book, when suggesting the remedies to their clients, but they supplement the remedies with client specific issues and through their own reading of client’s horoscope chart. The use of palmistry in the book has significance because a good astrologer can use the knowledge of palmistry to better read the horoscope of an individual. In the red book, the palmistry has been explained in such a manner that each 42 divisions of the human brain have been linked with different houses of the birth chart of a person in a scientific manner that the sketch of brain is reflected on the palm of a person.

The remedies suggested in the book are simple to follow and all remedies can solve the chronic and day to day problem in life. The remedies are so simple and effective that, adopting them cost no money and hardly any extra effort. But only an experienced astrologer can bring the desired results from these simple remedies. Because a top Astrologer in Delhi will always study the horoscope and also see the palm of a person to get the comprehensive view of life problems affects the person concerned.

Astrology calculations are based on the birth chart of the person at the time of birth. The position of these heavenly bodies determines the life course of a person. The most significant contribution of red book is that the position of zodiacal bodies can be shifted, under certain conditions; to bright the desired result, by following some suitable remedies. Even if your do not have time of your birth, you still can get the solutions to your problems based on life symptoms.

A lal kitab Astrologer in Delhi will use the knowledge and suggestion in red book to guide an individual towards problem free life.

An astrologer, who deals with lall kitab, will have good knowledge of both astrology and palmistry and through their knowledge he comes to the correct remedies to ward off evil force, affecting the destiny of a person.

Change the Flow of Invisible Force to Make Ride of Life Smooth

Vastu and numerologists try to positively influence the invisible forces which affects our life in numerous ways. The vastu is ancient Indian philosophy which has root in the thought that every planet emits energy and this energy is constantly affecting the life of individuals. This affects our dwelling also .That is why a vastu ( dwelling or structure ) tries to align the construction of a house or building in such a way it gets positive energy and minimizes the effects of negative energy .

According to vastu, the world is made up of five elements, earth, air, water, space and fire. The combination and balance of these five basic elements affects the flow of energy. These elements are given the right combinations and balance in the construction of a building.  A numerologist, on the other hand by changing the words used in a name, tries to increase the positive vibrations, to bring beneficial impact in the life of an individual. Both vastu and numerology, attempt to create harmonious relationship between an individual and physical surrounding.

Vastu says that every activity of a house has a place and that place is determined according to the position of lord in four main directions. For example, the north is ruled by lord of wealth, called kubera. So anything which is auspicious should be placed in north direction.

People, who have used the services of Vastu Shastra Consultants in Delhi claim that they find more inner peace in daily life, have improved concentration and they can take better decisions in personal life and in business. The level of stress and tension has also decreased and they find spiritual bless in their overall life.

Numbers of one birth and name, according to numerology, has the positive and negative impact on the individual, governing his or her life in all aspects. The personal growth, business successor, even a relationship is impacted by how a name is spelled and pronounced. A name emits certain vibrations, which are based on its numeric value, and since all values are representatives of planets, numerology believes that how a person name is pronounced and spell has more significance in numerology than how a name is written. With the help of Best Numerologist in Delhi any name can be changed in such a way that it is compatible with the destiny, which is available through horoscope. This combinations then shows positive results .Numerology believes that  any individual can know the best time of his life and how to convert the positive vibrations into gains .The services of a numerologist make let you know your own character, the challenges, likely to come in life and how to handle those challenges, by changing the vibrations of a name. The use of lucky number and changing the pronunciation, by emphasizing a particular vowel or alphabet, can make the difference between success and failure.


Channel the Invisible Energy of Heavenly Bodies to Produce Positive Impact in Life

According to ancient India wisdom all zodiac bodies have invisible energy which affects human beings. This energy is constantly flowing around us.  In astrology and vastru shastra, this invisible energy is channeled into positive energy to benefit a person or a build (vastu). In astrology, the positions of various planets are fixed on the chart of the person, based on the time of the birth. To increase impact of favorable planets and to decrease the effect of unfavorable planets, remedies are suggested by astrologers.

Similarly, in vastru Shasta, construction of a house or building is done in such a way that it aligns with the flow of positive energy.  The basic of vastu Shasta is that five elements, air, water, fire, space and earth, together create life. It is the combination and balance of these elements which creates various situation of life, in which human beings have to manage their lives. Vastu attempts to shift this balance by aligning the structure of house or office in the flow of positive energy to gain maximum benefits.  Each direction, according to vastu Shasta has a lord and energy which are created in that direction is attributed to the lord. With this knowledge, the different function in house or in office can be placed in that direction to harness that flow for spiritual well being.

Lal kitab (red book), written in 19th century, on astrology and palmistry contains remedies for various planter afflictions. These remedies have led to separate study of famous lal kitab astrology. Which is using remedies written in the book to deal with problems created by adverse planetary positions.Lal kitab astrologers supplement the remedies with their experience and knowledge after accurately predicting the problems through birth chart study.

How astrological and vastu shatra consultations helps us?

Astrology prepares a birth chart of a person which shows the birth ascendant , moon sign sun sing  and position of  planets , time period , when planets transits , and their influence on a person .

Then they study the chart to find out the strength and weakness of the chart. Then remedies are based on the predictions emerging from the chart study. Lal kitab astrologers base their suggestion after consulting the red book. Remedies are very simple and can be followed without extra cost.

Vastu consultants suggest finer alteration of houses and offices to change the flow of energy. They suggest different activities of a house or office, to fixed direction to gain from the energy flow.

 Lal Kitab Astrologer in Delhi has firm belief that the remedies which are listed in red book are not only simple but can reduce the karmic burden on humans with enhanced benefits.

Best Vastu Shastra Consultants in Delhi employs sensors to know the presence of energy and their flow in a building or house in a scientific way to provide accurate suggestions.

Smoothen The Path Of Your Life With Best Vastu And Astrologer Consultations.

Vastu and astrology are ancient Indian beliefs, which attempt to control the invisible force of nature to enrich the life of a person by adopting principal tested for thousands of years. Astrology predicts the placement of planets in our life, whereas the vastu focus on the positive and negative energy around human beings.

Ancient Indian believed the nature affects all of us in one way or other and only by aligning with nature man can prosper and enrich his or her life. Our ancient sagas also felt that our dwelling are affected by nature and this led them to find ways to first  alien our temples to the laws of nature  , so that flow of natural energy is unrestricted for its live giving properties . Later this principal was extended to the all dwelling, human settlements and even colonies and cities.

How vastu principals are applied?

The base of vastu ( architecture ) science is the belief that life is made up of five main elements , such as , water (jala  ) , earth ( bhumi ) , fire( agni ) , space( akash ) and air( vayu ) . It is the presence of these elements which creates life on this planet. And ours is the only planet which has life until now, precisely because of these elements.

These forces are linked and they have visible impact on the life of a person. The vastru works on the assumption that if the force of these elements can be harnessed for positive benefits.

The flow of these nature forces cannot be changed but vastu believes by changing the way a house is being made or by some alternation in line with the flow, we can use them for positive energy.  This positive energy then will enhance our spiritual well being with mental peace and opened the way to prosperity.

How use of astrology and vastu bring positive changed in life?

 Supernatural powers are attributed to four directions in vastu as is the case with astrology also where square chart shows the position of sun, moon and other heavenly bodies during the time of the birth of the person.

The placement of various zodiac bodies in the chart of a person is fixed at the time of his birth. This fixed position of various planets determines his or her traits in life. With the knowledge of an expert astrologer a person can manage the force emitting from these bodies to bring positive results in all aspect of life.

Vastu Sastra and Astrology in Delhi –

Effective of vasru and astrology is directed linked with the experience and knowledge of the person you are consulting. That is why consult the Best Vastu Sastra Consultants in Delhi . Only then you will be able to see gains in life.

Similarly in astrology you must get the Top Astrologer in Delhi to analyses you chart and with remedies for bliss in life.

What Are Benefits Associated With Predictive Sciences Such As Numerology?

It is common belief that there are fixed time of birth and death of different individuals. So if the time of death and life is certain than the time of occurring of certain events and happening in our lives are also certain. There are different methods and studies for the purpose of foretelling the future of individuals based on the certainty of different events in every individual’s life. For the purpose of telling the future of individuals, there are three types of theories and methods used across India and other parts of the world.

The use of numbers for the purpose of predicting the human behaviors and events is known as numerology, which is predictive science. Although there are no science associated with the theory of numerology but these theories are used based on beliefs in the divine relationship between number and more coinciding events happening across the universe.

Based on the birth of the individuals, the nine planets are assigned certain set of numbers. The set pattern of the planets effectively governs the health, likes, dislikes, and nature of individuals.  Other attributes such as his through process, reasons, ambitions and physiology, are also determined by the number pattern assigned to the nine different planets. Based on the planet governing the birth of individuals, he or she will emit particular set of radiations.

Matching the number pattern with the partner, before the fixing the wedding is primary custom in various parts of India. If the number pattern matches the number pattern of the partner, it is believed that the wedding will be success with harmonious affair between the two partners. Similarly, if the number pattern don’t matches the pattern of the partner, it is believes that the wedding will be unsuccessful and can cause lots of pain and suffering not only to the partners but also to their families.

In order to improve the chances of success in life, marriages and carrier, the services rendered by the Best Numerologist in Delhi can be availed by the clients.  Weaknesses and strength of individuals can be effectively determined by using the knowledge of numerology under the supervision of qualified numerologists. Not only, can the power of numerology be used to attain good health and wealth, but it can be used for the purpose of eliminating the negative energy from the life of individuals. Professional and personal life can be improved with right career growths and health, by using the precise knowledge of numerology.

Astrology and palmistry are other predictive sciences that are used for the purpose of telling the future of individuals.  Under the supervision of Top Astrologer in Delhi, individuals can attain fruitful results.

Various scientific studies have been conducted for effectiveness of numerology, palmistry and astrology but no conclusive evidence was found. No scientific proof is there for supporting the claims made by the astrologists, numerologists and palmists.