Increase the flow of positive energy in your building with vastu shastra consultation

Vastu (building) shastra is a science in which basic elements of the nature are balanced to achieve the harmony in buildings, which will ultimately benefit its occupants .The basic elements which vastu tries to balance are air, earth, space, water, wind and fire. With the use of vastu principles, a vastu consultant ensures that a building or a house is the best representation of positive aspects of the universe.

In vastu it is believed that there is a mystical and spiritual lord of the place, and he is facing north east, with his head down to earth.  The direction of the face of the lord has symbolism with the directions of the house or buildings.  The north east direction of any house or building is considered scared. And it is suggested that all the good activities of house should be done in that direction. For example. Prayer room and study room should be in that direction only.  The lower body, which is in south, denotes stability. Novel direction of the body is the awareness centre of the house. Hands of the lord in North West and south east denote energy and movement.

The structure of a house or building is aligned in such a way Vastu shastra consultants in Delhi that all powerful vibrations are allowed to come inside the buildings and help the habitants. The basic elements in vastu all have powers  and are constantly emitting powerful vibrations .The earth element is considered very powerful elements of the nature in the vastu principles . This element has north and south as magnetic power point. The earth has gravitational pull on all things that are on the earth. This earth element is also present in humans in form of bones.

Water is the second most powerful element in the vastu calculations.  It is present in form of rivers, ocean and sea. The life is possible on the earth only because of water. Water is element of the north east side of the home. Water is also present in the body in form of blood.

Fire is the third important element in the nature and on earth it is in form of heat and light. Fire also represents energy and is part of the south east direction of the house.  The fire element is present in human body in the form of digestive system.

The space elements gives shelter to all the other elements and the centre of the house is considered at the place for space.  Air is present in the form of breathing system and it very essential in the atmosphere for living. A newly built structure is easily given the alignment based on the principles of vastu.  But in existing buildings some minor Best vastu shastra consultants in Delhi changes are made to get the desired results by expert vastu consultants. Same changes can be done in offices, factories, homes or commercial buildings.


Increase the positive energy in life by adopting principles of astrology and vastu

Both astrology and vastu shastra tries to attract the positive energy by eliminating the negative energy in life.  Vastu principles are related to a building or house. Every direction in vastu has some energy and is seat of a particular lord. The building or a house in constructed in such a way that the flow of these positive energies is channeled into the house by marking places for every activity of inhabitants or person living there. For example, the doors are not made to face the south direction, which is not considered auspicious.  Also it is advised that the head of the family should have the room in the southwest corner of the house. The setting arrangement in the drawing room is also kept in such a way the person are facing north or east. Northeast is the place fixed for prayers or a prayer room.  It is also suggested that persons should face north or east while eating.  Lot of similar suggestions is made to capture the flow of positive energy and take the vibrations for creating mental well being and harmony in life.

In the same way, an astrologer makes a birth chart of the person on the basis of date of birth, timing of the birth and place of the birth.  The knowledge of exact birth timing is vital for making accurate birth chart and its subsequent study.  The accurate birth chart will show, which planet is rising or which is ascendant planet.  The position of moon and how far it is from sun house determines the strength of the moon in the chart. A top astrologer also pays attention to understand the zodiac sign present in the house, its position and the position of its lord planet.

The services of expert and experienced vastu and astrologers can made lot of difference between getting accurate predictions and wrong interpretations.  Best vastu shastra consultants in Delhi will just suggest some alteration in the already constructed houses to rectify the mistakes according to vastu.

A top astrologer will take great care to mark the position of the planets on the chart for right interpretations. The chart is then analyzed to study how placement of different planets is affecting the life of the person.  All the planets are taken into consideration with addition of rahu and ketu. , Rahu is head of dragon and ketu is tail of the dragon. Actually these are the two points, which are at the intersection of earth’s equator and moon’s orbit extending into the space. The analysis of the birth chart is done to know the life of person from different point of view like marriage, career, business, relations, property etc. The coming of various problem, are also predicted by knowing the position of various planets and their movements the future.  Top Astrologer in Delhi must be able to tell the past and future possibilities also.

Bright Future Astro And Vastu : Lal Kitab Remedies in Astrology

Lal kitab (red color book on astrology and palmistry) was written more than a century ago in Persians language. It contains set of five books on astrology and principles of palmistry. The original author of the book is unknown. The combination of astrology and palmistry gives accurate prediction on the various problems faced by human being. Since accurate birth date and timing is crucial to make the birth chart and further calculations, an astrologer well versed in lal kitab principals gets exact date of birth and timing with use of palmistry. Thus the services of a lal kitab astrologer are more accurate in making birth chart and anticipating the troubles of life.


To deal with troubles in life and solve them, the lal kitab gives some simple and effective remedies .These remedies are used by common person, without any additional expenses and need to change the life. That is the reason, for popularity of the lal kitab.

According to lal kitab, wearing clean and ironed clothes strengthens the Venus. This strengthening of the Venus will create attraction for opposite sex in life. Also lal kitab says that one should touch the feet of mother as this act will strengthen the moon, which stands for mother. Adhering to them for longer period, will help a person .Similarly, there are other remedies, which look simple and practically ineffective, but these have logic behind them.

Though there are a many Lal Kitab remedies, which can be used by all persons, yet these must not be followed by anyone without consulting an astrologer of lal kitab.  Each remedy is based on the birth chart of the person, since birth charts are not same, so the remedies prescribed to a person are also not same.

The remedies only demand patience and faith to bring the results. Some remedies have to be continued for 40 days without interruption.  If a person is not able practice for few days, he or she can take the rest for few days, before starting again. The 40 day schedule must not be interrupted in any way . This condition is must in some remedies.  As a lal kitab astrologer predicts the troubles of life of a person by studying his or her birth chart, a vastu shastra, predicts the flow of energy in a building or house by its construction and design.

Best vastu shastra consultants in Delhi. A vastu shastri will align the design of a house or building in such a way that the flow of positive energy is received and negative energy is decreased. A lal kitab astrologer can get true predictions of life because of its knowledge of palmistry. Lal Kitab Astrologer in Delhi gives practical and simple remedies for avoiding the troubles, which are harmless and do not harm any person. If remedies are not brining the desired result, then a person can stop them and consult a lal kitab astrologer.

Know The Challenges Of Life And How To Deal With Them

Numerology is study of the numbers that occur with the name of a person, or date of birth or year of the birth. According to numerologists, these numbers have a certain vibrations and these influence the life of a person. The vibrations can be positive or negative. A numerologist tries to create the positive vibrations by changing the sound of the pronunciation of a name. This change is brought by adding or deleting some alphabet or vowel without changing the name of the person.

In the same manner, the vastu principles are also used to increase the flow of positive energy in a house or building .If a house or building is not in the direction of the flow of this positive energy, some alterations are made to align the structure in direction of the positive flow.  This alignment is done by the vastu (dwelling) expert with the chart of the house and by keeping the directions of the vastu in mind.  Therefore the knowledge of numerology and vastu shows us the challenges or difficulties in life and also suggest ways to deal with them.


Numerology believes that there are three types of challengers in the life of a person. And these challenges are outstanding challengers, outer challenger and cipher challenges. Any challenge that comes twice or more than twice in the life of a person is known as outstanding challenge. This challenge or challenges may have nine year cycle. Mixed challenges occur with variety of numbers with different energies working together. A cipher challenge is caused by lack of particular direction in life. This lack of direction can causes lot of other difficulties. The timing of challenges is also calculated with the numerology method.

The energies of a house, in which an individual lives, can also be positive or negative, depending on the structural design.  Best vastu Shasta consultants in Delhi shows the directions of vibrations, which enhance the life of occupants, and brings the structural in line of these vibrations. Thus a person with knowledge of invisible energies and their flow can attract the positive energies and avoid the direction of vibration of negative energies.  With the help of a numerologist a person will learn that all these challenges are not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, they can be good, through which an individual can grow and experience more clarity in life. A numerologist identifies the energies, which can be increase by changing the vibrations of a name to deal with these challenges. The advanced knowledge of these challenges prepares a person well to take the preventive steps. Best Numerologist in Delhi can help a person by preparing him or her, to use the best phase of life by cultivating certain habits, for example, sensitive, so that a person can use knowledge and understanding for solving the problems of life.