Live in harmony with nature by vastu and astrology consultations

Vastu is an ancient Indian science, which believes that five basic elements of the nature must be balanced to achieve inner peace and prosperity. The construction of building and their designs were made in such a way that they were align to receive full positive energy and vibration occurring in the nature. This science is practiced today as vastu shastra. The consultations are provided to give particular direction for entrance into the building, place is selected for main office or head of the family. The every activity of the house or office is given a proper place, where the energy created is positive and promotes that activity. For example, the north east is considered sacred place, which must be for kitchen or prayer room. This place must not be used for bathroom or toilet.


Vastu consultations can be taken for offices, factories, commercial buildings and omes..Existing building can also be aligned with vastu principles by slight changing the placement of various items in the room or adding some feng shui products at carefully selected places. The basic aim is to restore Best vastu shastra consultants in Delhi the balance of energy and allow human to live in peace and harmony. The construction and significance of each direction is different from each other and vastu   aligns buildings into harmony with these differences.

Living in harmony with movements of various heavenly bodies can be achieved with the consultations of an experienced astrologer. The heavenly bodies always change their positions and this creates ripples in the live of human beings. The adverse impact of some planets can be managed by remedies given from lal kitab. This book was written centuries ago on some simple and particle remedies to convert negative energy into positive energy.  The remedies are given by astrologer from the book. These remedies do not take any investment of money or special efforts to be put into use. The remedies can be as simple as putting something in running water, or touching the feet of the mother every day for blessings .The experience of an astrologer counts a lot in these Lal Kitab Astrologer in Delhi consultations as he takes those remedies which effectively deal with the situation and circumstances. But these remedies can backfire, if they are not implemented according to the right rituals. The consultation with experienced astrologer is very important to get the right ritual associated with lal kitab remedies.



Attract Positive Energy With Vastu And Astrology Consultations

Vastu is ancient Indian belief, which has scientific base and is in line with natural forces. The basic five elements of the nature are combined in balance with the auspicious directions to give positive energy to the persons living in the building. The five elements fire, earth, water, air and space are aligned in such a way that they together provide perfect place for person to live with harmony with nature. The vastu consultants create a design for the building or structure in such a way that all activities of the household are fixed in particular directions. These are the auspicious directions dominated by the lord of that direction. The aim of ascribing particular activity to the direction is to generate harmony   and peace in the house or building. For example, the entrance of the house of building should be in north and east, the direction of rising sun.

The north east is the sacred corner and the bathroom must not be in this corner of the house. These principles are the combination of common sense and science, based on the observation of ancient India.  Similarly, the central place of the house, known as brahmasthan, has to be made without any obstructions like pillar, beam, lift or wall etc .The expert vastu consultant also creates positive flow in Best vastu shastra consultants in Delhi existing building by adding little changes with placement of heavy decorative objects or putting mirrors to give some positive effects.

Lal Kitab Astrologer in Delhi

Astrology consultations on the other hand are concerned to know the impact of heavenly bodies on the person. The astrology believes that the position of heavenly bodies at the exact time of the birth of person continues to affect major directions of his or her life. The position of the all heavenly bodies is charted on the paper by using exact information of birth date, birth time and location or city of birth. This information has to be accurate to get the accurate reading from birth chart. Some people often do not know the exact time of the birth, which is vital for the correct birth chart calculations.  Then the expert astrologers ask some easy question to get the time of the birth of the person.

The astrologers come to know the positive periods for the person. If the astrologer feels that a negative phase is about to start, then suggestion are given from Lal kitab. This book has practical and simple remedies for avoiding or dealing with bad phase in life. The experience astrologer complements his experience and book remedies to help a person with effective steps. The remedies are not selected randomly. The experience astrologer understands the coming Lal Kitab Astrologer in Delhi and going of different phases in the life of person based on movement of planets and bases his counseling accordingly. Some senior astrologers also take the service of palmistry to correctly come to any prediction, if person is not sure about birth related information.  The steps are taken to help a person live in positive frame of mind.


Get Energy And Positive Vibrations In Life By Vastu And Numerology Consultations

Basic aim of the vastu consultation is to balance the five nature elements and aligned the buildings in such a way the full force of positive vibration of the nature is focused on the building. Vastu is an ancient science that is based on the principle that to achieve material prosperity and peace, the building should follow the auspicious directions. Every room and activity of the home is given certain place for receiving the energy. The vastu is considered a pure science of structure, energy and vibrations. The proven methods are used to bring peace and prosperity to the home owners.  By the proper use of vastu, the stagnated energies in the building can be moved to generate flow of energy and remove all the negativity.

The principles of the vastu can be applied to any home, office, room, factory and residential building or apartment. The existing buildings are not changed but some minor changes like putting mirror at strategic places, giving different shape to the décor by adding some items or removing some items is done to restore the energy balance in line with nature forces. The mental peace and clarity is achieved, which is then transferred to all human activities.  The occupants of such building Best vastu shastra consultants in Delhi which confirm the vastu principles are happier and peaceful than others and lead content lives with full of energy and less fatigue.

Some people do not know the exact date of birth of time of the birth, which are very essential for making accurate birth charts, known as kundali. The astrologer gives various suggestion and charts exact position of heavenly bodies on the base of the birth chart. The entire reading can go wrong if the exact time of the birth is not available. For those, who do not have exact time of birth, the use of numerologist can be very helpful.  A numerologist just takes the birth day number and by adding them gets one number. That one number defines the whole personality of the person. For positive vibrations with other number, the numerologist gives favorite number to the person. This favorite number is the number which is auspicious to the person. The person is asked to start all important works of his life on the date, which gives this number. For example, if the person is born on 17 of a month, then the 26, 8 can be the lucky number for that person. But there are some remedies, a person has to take. Sometimes the person born under the influence of 8 or 4 is asked to follow certain precautions to avoid getting bad luck .The best numerologist may Best Numerologist in Delhi also change the vibration of a name by adding or deleting some vowels to create positive vibration in life.  By changing the sound of the name of the person, the person can experience new energy and enthusiasm in life.