Lal kitab remedies and vastu tips and remedies


An astrologer who works on the lal kitab uses the guidelines provided in the book to help the peopel and mitigate their sufferings and help them to tackle the inauspicious time . The book was writen in medieval times and it contains remedies in simple languages . Some messages are philosophical languages, which makes them quite difficult to decipher.

After making the birth chart from the informations provided by the person , the astrologer then consultants the book to offer some relevant remedies to the concerned person. The remedies range from offering solution in alcohol addiction to dealing with unfavorable times .

Some remedies of the book may seem unusual to the common man but they are full of wisdom and helps a person to be a better person . For example , it is mentioned in the lal kitab that a person should respect old person , mother , father , saints and ladies . The person should also feed poor , beggars . And a person should never beat a dog with stick or throw stones at the animal. Feeding money brings financial success and feeding a cow improve relations with wife . Feeding a dog helps to counter the ill effects of ketu , which then brings luxuries .

Lal Kitab Astrologer in Delhi

An experienced astrologer will never give advice without consulting lal kitab , his own experience and Lal Kitab Astrologer in Delhi remedies from the book , help a person to fully covered himself with protection during inauspicious phase of life .

How vastu helps us –

the basic principles of vastu mentions that each direction is devoted to a particular diet or lord and only those things must be performed in that direction , which are prescribed in that direction according to the vastu . This adherence to the principles helps to attract the natural positive energy and vibrations . By alinging the homes or building in the direction of that postive vibrations , a person can attract peace of mind , prosperity, and happiness in home .

Some common tips or vastu remedies are –

Lal Kitab Astrologer in Delhi

All the heat generating appliance should be in the south east direction of the room . The toilets , bathroom and prayer should never be next to each other . The other Best vastu shastra consultants in Delhi remedies are full of common sense , such as that the broken watches, or gadgets , which are not used must not be kept in the house . The front door of the house must not have garbage dump , street light pool, or big stone at the front .