Experts In Astrology And Vastu Remove Hurdles In The Path Of Happiness


Astrology believes that the positioning of heavenly bodies affects the fortune of men and women. The changing position of the bodies causes upheavals in the life of man and woman coming in their influences .The services of an expert astrologer can predict the coming of auspicious days and also inauspicious days.

To mitigation the influences of inauspicious days, the astrologer recommends many remedies and all of these remedies help the person to avoid the damage that may come from this inauspicious period. The Vedic astrologer may also consult LAL KITAB or red book, which is full of simple remedies. The experience of the astrologer plus the remedies offered in the red book will help the person to take some steps to completely reduce the impact of the bad period. The remedies suggested do not cost much and person can implement all the remedies without incurring additional expenses.


Without consulting astrologer, Top Astrologer in Delhi it is not possible to take the preventive measures, as the measures are recommends to offset the impact of a particular planet. The remedies also vary from person to person. Another thing is that the changing position of planet is not same for all persons. For some it may be the beginning of lucky period and for other the same planet may bring ill luck. That is why the consultation of an experienced lawyer is very important.

Similarly, the vastu expert can suggest some minor changes in the apartment or building to remove any blockage in the flow of positive vibrations. The expert vastu player will also change the vastu alignment of existing building or homes by placing the mirror in some directions to changes the impression of that direction.  The client can also take the services to remove the flaws in the offices of factories and commercial establishments. Sometimes, the position of main room is such that the person occupying the room has no control over the flow of business and its operations. The services of an expert vastu practitioner will give proper direction to the office, so that the occupant commands respect and authority in the business.


The services can be taken for prayer room, study room for children and for bringing new passion and vigor in the marital life of couples and for bring luck to business and cash flow.  The blockages Vastu shastra consultants in Delhi in the path of energy are removed and positives vibrations flow easily through the structures after the vastu services.


Build Your Homes According To The Respected Science Of Vasu Shastra And Get The Positive Forces In Your Favor


The science of Vastu Shastra is being practiced for ages, nobody actually known how old it really is but one thing that can be said with complete surety is that it benefits everyone who believes in it. It doesn’t care about your religion, it only cares about your home being shielded by the evil forces of the universe and bringing all the positivity to the place you live in.

The science of Vastu Shastra is not something a man wrote on a piece of paper one morning and asked people to practice it. It involves careful studying of the subject and is a vast book with complexity buried in every verse of it. Proper astrological calculations, personal energies and other numerical permutations are all part of the practice which are hard to master.

The difficulty to master the science of Vastu Shastra is a reason why many people get a bit skeptical about consulting people about it. There are only a few eligible Vastu masters in India and others who claim to be aware of its purity are posers.


The Vastu Shastra Consultants in Delhi, Bright Future are the most respected in the practice. They tend to the residential, commercial and industrial needs of the clients who come to them for help. Their quality of service is the reason why they’ve unmatched customer retention over the years.

They are equipped with the most experienced Vastu experts and always strive to provide their customers with the best advice possible and give them ideas that can help them in cancelling all the negative energy from their lives.

Best vastu Shasta consultants in Delhi

As the Best Vastu Shastra Consultants in Delhi, they also provide their loyal clients with expert insights through the science of astrology, numerology and Tarot Card Reading at affordable rates.

Depression can knock on doors of even the most established and happy people and without proper care the disorder turns ugly. With expert guidance from Bright Future, people with mental illnesses have gone home completely cured and are living a healthy life in the society.

The use of Lal Kitab is also encouraged at Bright Futures. One of the most read and respected books of science which is known to have thousands of ancient remedies for a single disorder or disease.

Use Vastu Principles To Attract Wealth


Lord Kuber is considered the god of wealth in vastu principles. The whole idea is to keep the lord happy always to attract the wealth and happiness by following the vastu principles.  The following simple vastu principles attract wealth and remove any obstacle that may be there in the wealth creation in the house.

The principles are very simple and do not require any extra expenditure on the part of the owner. The first principle says that the money locker must never be placed under any beam as it puts lot of pressure on the financial conditions of the family or its business.


The   locker or almirah where money is kept must be kept in such a way that it opens to the north direction. The north direction is the direction of the kuber and this opening towards the north direction helps in filling the money locker again and again. Another trick, Best vastu shastra consultants in Delhi recommended by some experts, is to keep a mirror in front of the locker so that the image of money in the mirrors shows double the amount.

The north east corner is considered one of the auspicious corners in the vastu. The owners are advised to keep this corner free from any clutter or heavy machinery. The clean clutter free north east attracts wealth. There should not be any staircase in the north east direction as well. Also another related principle, is that there must not be any curved wall in the north east part of the house. The construction of the wall must be in the right angles.

As far as possible avoid a house, which has a high rise building or temple in the north east of the house. This can lead to loss of wealth. If there are such structures, make sure that their shadows do not fall on the house. The plot of the land must be at higher level than the road elevation or at least equal to it. The house must not be lower than the road elevation level.

Best vastu Shasta consultants in Delhi

The south west corner of the house, office or any commercial property must not have any water body, such as swimming pool, lower than the normal ground level.  The construction acts in opposite to the wealth creation principles.

 If possible keep the wall or boundary of the south and west wall higher than the walls in the east or north side of the house.  Some of these Vastu shastra consultants in Delhi steps can be taken without making additional changes in the house or apartment.

Make Life A Paradise With The Best Vastu Shastra Consultants In Delhi


Contribution of India in the field of Science is incomparable. India has given many doctors, engineers, and scientist to this world. Even the big number “0” is an unbeatable contribution of India. Besides this, there is one more Science, Vastu Shastra, which is deepening its roots everywhere now. Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian Science which deals with construction of house, setting up an industry, etc.

The footprints of Vastu Shastra can be seen everywhere today. From constructing a house till setting up an industry Vastu Shastra has spread its roots everywhere. Big industrialists, small businessmen, even a normal service man uses this Science to get prosperity and happiness in life.Vastu Shastra Consultants In Delhi

Vastu Shastra is a Science of construction of a house, or a building in synchronization with natural forces and proper directions. This special field of science has some consultants who have expertise in this Science and can derive the solution to every problem regarding construction.

Best vastu shastra consultants in Delhi Best vastu shastra consultants in Delhi, have consultants who are expert in the science of vastu shastra and help you gain the maximum benefits.astro

Vastu Shastra consultation regarding the construction of a house includes

Consultation regarding correct direction sense, if you buy a plot, which can yield more benefit to the residents of the house. Vastu Shastra consultant also tell, which trees to plant in which direction of the house to make it auspicious and which plant should be avoided to avoid negative energies, which may surround the residents of the house.

Vastu Shastra consultant also tells which direction is suitable for a multi-storey building, what should be the height of each floor, and which room should be made on which floor. Because Main gate is the main attraction of any house, the consultants tell you the exact direction, height and width of the main gate to make more positive energies enter the house. The consultants also tell which type of paintings, and colors should be used in house, etc.

Vastu Shastra consultation regarding the construction of a commercial building or a factoryBest vastu Shasta consultants in Delhi

Correct direction of the gate of the building or factory to gain more benefits. The consultant tells the direction and rooms of top management, rooms where machinery is to be placed, direction of room to keep the inventory, color of the rooms of factory, etc. Vastu shastra consultants in Delhi Vastu shastra consultants in Delhi, the consultant even tells you, which industry to set up at all. These all things when considered and implemented bring more production, more sales, and no labor disputes or strikes, and labor work in utmost harmony.