How Lal Kitab Remedies And Vastu Can Help A Housewife

captureThere are several houseives who are worried about the alcoholism of their husbands. They feel that husband are not within their control and spend lot of money, which should have gone to the necessities of life , into alcohol or other substances. The housewives really cannot do much as they have no other way but to bear this neglect by husbands. They also know that lack of sufficient funds affects the study of their kids. Sometimes, husband feel that they are neglected by the wife that is why they prefer to spend most of the time outside of the homes. The difference between husband and wife increases due to misunderstanding and these are the minor issue, which create lot of negativity in the house.

The astrology can help these ladies to control their husbands and bring them under control. The housewife can use many methods and remedies mentioned in the Lal Kitab to control the mind of their husbands. The remedies can also be used in case a husband is having extra maritial affair or a housewife wants to keep him away from other women.lalThe Lal Kitab remedies are also given to the wife to help her to take the husband back from the other woman. One of the best things about the vedic mantras is that they do not require the person to attain any kind of spiritual knowledge before implementing them. These mantras can be used by direct consultations with experienced astrologer Lal Kitab Astrologer in Delhi.The remedies of the Lal Kitab also are cost effective and can bring desired results with patience and fatih.

In the same way, the Vastu principles are used for recreating the harmony in the house between husband and wife. The small alteration are brought in the house. These changes may range from changing the bedroom or keeping bedroom free from any distraction which may be hindrance in the love between husband and wife. One learns the best position for the sound sleep and also for sparking the love between husband and wife. The learning of the Vastu helps a woman to control the husband and create lost romance between couples.Lal Kitab Astrologer in DelhiDuring the learning of the Vastu, Learn Vastu Institute in Delhi for example, the housewife will know the right position for sleeping which is perfect for smoothness of relations. The husband is recommended to sleep on the right side and wife left side. The simple principles are easy to implement and cost nothing.


Bring Happiness Back in Your Life

captureAccording to Indian belief, there are more than 84 lakhs Yonis including “Manushya Yoni”, meaning Human being in, which a soul takes birth. It is said that if a person does good in current yoni then he/ she gets next birth in “Manushya Yoni”, that is as a human being, else he/ she takes birth in any other yoni as per his/ her deeds. So basically, taking birth in Yoni depends upon the deeds a person does in previous births. Plus, it is also believed that a human being gets the results of his/ her previous birth’s deeds in the current birth. He/ she get either punished of the previous deeds of gets the reward of the previous actions. Means if you do good you will get good in your next birth and if you do bad you will get bad in your next birth.


According to Indian believe taking birth and ups and downs of life is all the game of your good or bad deeds. Just of your deeds is done when you take new birth. But normally no one has the memories of previous birth. They do not have any other options else bearing the fruits of their actions of previous life. But these all things can be chalked out by the use of Lal Kitab. Lal Kitab is a book, which is a blend of planetary movements and palmistry. It has the remedy of each and every problem you face in life.

According to Lal Kitab, a person needs to get a horoscope made, and then it is studied that what is the root cause of the problem and how it can be resolved.? What can be the remedy of the problem which a person is currently facing? Lal Kitab is very famous in India as well as in other countries. The company has the best Lal Kitab Astrologer in Delhi.

Lal Kitab Astrologer in Delhi

The experts of the company had an in-depth knowledge of the subject and tell you the remedies for your problem. The use of Lal Kitab does not bind you with the compulsion of wearing rings and gems or doing havan etc. Best Vastu Shastra consultants in Delhi gives you the simple solution to your life’s problem. The team of the company is an expert in the Vastu Shastra. The company is giving you perfect advice on reasonable rates. The experts give the best services at the most affordable rate.

Lal kitab remedies and vastu tips and remedies


An astrologer who works on the lal kitab uses the guidelines provided in the book to help the peopel and mitigate their sufferings and help them to tackle the inauspicious time . The book was writen in medieval times and it contains remedies in simple languages . Some messages are philosophical languages, which makes them quite difficult to decipher.

After making the birth chart from the informations provided by the person , the astrologer then consultants the book to offer some relevant remedies to the concerned person. The remedies range from offering solution in alcohol addiction to dealing with unfavorable times .

Some remedies of the book may seem unusual to the common man but they are full of wisdom and helps a person to be a better person . For example , it is mentioned in the lal kitab that a person should respect old person , mother , father , saints and ladies . The person should also feed poor , beggars . And a person should never beat a dog with stick or throw stones at the animal. Feeding money brings financial success and feeding a cow improve relations with wife . Feeding a dog helps to counter the ill effects of ketu , which then brings luxuries .

Lal Kitab Astrologer in Delhi

An experienced astrologer will never give advice without consulting lal kitab , his own experience and Lal Kitab Astrologer in Delhi remedies from the book , help a person to fully covered himself with protection during inauspicious phase of life .

How vastu helps us –

the basic principles of vastu mentions that each direction is devoted to a particular diet or lord and only those things must be performed in that direction , which are prescribed in that direction according to the vastu . This adherence to the principles helps to attract the natural positive energy and vibrations . By alinging the homes or building in the direction of that postive vibrations , a person can attract peace of mind , prosperity, and happiness in home .

Some common tips or vastu remedies are –

Lal Kitab Astrologer in Delhi

All the heat generating appliance should be in the south east direction of the room . The toilets , bathroom and prayer should never be next to each other . The other Best vastu shastra consultants in Delhi remedies are full of common sense , such as that the broken watches, or gadgets , which are not used must not be kept in the house . The front door of the house must not have garbage dump , street light pool, or big stone at the front .

Live in harmony with nature by vastu and astrology consultations

Vastu is an ancient Indian science, which believes that five basic elements of the nature must be balanced to achieve inner peace and prosperity. The construction of building and their designs were made in such a way that they were align to receive full positive energy and vibration occurring in the nature. This science is practiced today as vastu shastra. The consultations are provided to give particular direction for entrance into the building, place is selected for main office or head of the family. The every activity of the house or office is given a proper place, where the energy created is positive and promotes that activity. For example, the north east is considered sacred place, which must be for kitchen or prayer room. This place must not be used for bathroom or toilet.


Vastu consultations can be taken for offices, factories, commercial buildings and omes..Existing building can also be aligned with vastu principles by slight changing the placement of various items in the room or adding some feng shui products at carefully selected places. The basic aim is to restore Best vastu shastra consultants in Delhi the balance of energy and allow human to live in peace and harmony. The construction and significance of each direction is different from each other and vastu   aligns buildings into harmony with these differences.

Living in harmony with movements of various heavenly bodies can be achieved with the consultations of an experienced astrologer. The heavenly bodies always change their positions and this creates ripples in the live of human beings. The adverse impact of some planets can be managed by remedies given from lal kitab. This book was written centuries ago on some simple and particle remedies to convert negative energy into positive energy.  The remedies are given by astrologer from the book. These remedies do not take any investment of money or special efforts to be put into use. The remedies can be as simple as putting something in running water, or touching the feet of the mother every day for blessings .The experience of an astrologer counts a lot in these Lal Kitab Astrologer in Delhi consultations as he takes those remedies which effectively deal with the situation and circumstances. But these remedies can backfire, if they are not implemented according to the right rituals. The consultation with experienced astrologer is very important to get the right ritual associated with lal kitab remedies.


Attract Positive Energy With Vastu And Astrology Consultations

Vastu is ancient Indian belief, which has scientific base and is in line with natural forces. The basic five elements of the nature are combined in balance with the auspicious directions to give positive energy to the persons living in the building. The five elements fire, earth, water, air and space are aligned in such a way that they together provide perfect place for person to live with harmony with nature. The vastu consultants create a design for the building or structure in such a way that all activities of the household are fixed in particular directions. These are the auspicious directions dominated by the lord of that direction. The aim of ascribing particular activity to the direction is to generate harmony   and peace in the house or building. For example, the entrance of the house of building should be in north and east, the direction of rising sun.

The north east is the sacred corner and the bathroom must not be in this corner of the house. These principles are the combination of common sense and science, based on the observation of ancient India.  Similarly, the central place of the house, known as brahmasthan, has to be made without any obstructions like pillar, beam, lift or wall etc .The expert vastu consultant also creates positive flow in Best vastu shastra consultants in Delhi existing building by adding little changes with placement of heavy decorative objects or putting mirrors to give some positive effects.

Lal Kitab Astrologer in Delhi

Astrology consultations on the other hand are concerned to know the impact of heavenly bodies on the person. The astrology believes that the position of heavenly bodies at the exact time of the birth of person continues to affect major directions of his or her life. The position of the all heavenly bodies is charted on the paper by using exact information of birth date, birth time and location or city of birth. This information has to be accurate to get the accurate reading from birth chart. Some people often do not know the exact time of the birth, which is vital for the correct birth chart calculations.  Then the expert astrologers ask some easy question to get the time of the birth of the person.

The astrologers come to know the positive periods for the person. If the astrologer feels that a negative phase is about to start, then suggestion are given from Lal kitab. This book has practical and simple remedies for avoiding or dealing with bad phase in life. The experience astrologer complements his experience and book remedies to help a person with effective steps. The remedies are not selected randomly. The experience astrologer understands the coming Lal Kitab Astrologer in Delhi and going of different phases in the life of person based on movement of planets and bases his counseling accordingly. Some senior astrologers also take the service of palmistry to correctly come to any prediction, if person is not sure about birth related information.  The steps are taken to help a person live in positive frame of mind.


Bright Future Astro And Vastu : Lal Kitab Remedies in Astrology

Lal kitab (red color book on astrology and palmistry) was written more than a century ago in Persians language. It contains set of five books on astrology and principles of palmistry. The original author of the book is unknown. The combination of astrology and palmistry gives accurate prediction on the various problems faced by human being. Since accurate birth date and timing is crucial to make the birth chart and further calculations, an astrologer well versed in lal kitab principals gets exact date of birth and timing with use of palmistry. Thus the services of a lal kitab astrologer are more accurate in making birth chart and anticipating the troubles of life.


To deal with troubles in life and solve them, the lal kitab gives some simple and effective remedies .These remedies are used by common person, without any additional expenses and need to change the life. That is the reason, for popularity of the lal kitab.

According to lal kitab, wearing clean and ironed clothes strengthens the Venus. This strengthening of the Venus will create attraction for opposite sex in life. Also lal kitab says that one should touch the feet of mother as this act will strengthen the moon, which stands for mother. Adhering to them for longer period, will help a person .Similarly, there are other remedies, which look simple and practically ineffective, but these have logic behind them.

Though there are a many Lal Kitab remedies, which can be used by all persons, yet these must not be followed by anyone without consulting an astrologer of lal kitab.  Each remedy is based on the birth chart of the person, since birth charts are not same, so the remedies prescribed to a person are also not same.

The remedies only demand patience and faith to bring the results. Some remedies have to be continued for 40 days without interruption.  If a person is not able practice for few days, he or she can take the rest for few days, before starting again. The 40 day schedule must not be interrupted in any way . This condition is must in some remedies.  As a lal kitab astrologer predicts the troubles of life of a person by studying his or her birth chart, a vastu shastra, predicts the flow of energy in a building or house by its construction and design.

Best vastu shastra consultants in Delhi. A vastu shastri will align the design of a house or building in such a way that the flow of positive energy is received and negative energy is decreased. A lal kitab astrologer can get true predictions of life because of its knowledge of palmistry. Lal Kitab Astrologer in Delhi gives practical and simple remedies for avoiding the troubles, which are harmless and do not harm any person. If remedies are not brining the desired result, then a person can stop them and consult a lal kitab astrologer.

Significance of Lal Kitab and its Principles

Lal kitab was written in Persian language. It combines the fields of astrology and palmistry. That is why an astrologer, who deals with lal kitab, will have accurate predictions about the person by making birth chart on astrology principles and can gain additional information on the accurate birthday by studying his palm lines.  The book is in red color that is why it is called lal kitab.  The book is in poetic verses with and full of philosophy and hidden nuances about destiny. The original author of the book is not known.  The astrologer who suggests remedies from lal kitab, supplements them with his own knowledge and experience of traditional astrology.

The significance of the lal kitab is that the palmistry has been explained with astrology for better and accurate predictions.  In this book, each of the 42 divisions of the human brain is linked with the houses in the chart of the person and it is said that the sketch of the brain of a person is reflected on the palm of the person.  On the basis of these lines, an astrologer can draw the accurate horoscope of the person and can do the placement of planets in various houses on the birth chart. The birth time and the birth ascendant can be found out by reading the lines and mounts of the palm. Thus an astrologer, who is well versed in the lal kitab, can get accurate birth chart of a person, by just seeing the lines of the person.

The remedies, which are offered by the book, do not involve any rituals or doing certain complicated things.  They do not impact a person negatively, if not done in proper way. These measures do not inflict any damage on individuals and they are self defensive against evil.

The birth chart of an individual is prepared like the traditional astrology principles, but there is a bit difference. The Rashis are not taken into account for predictions and, therefore, the digits indicating the Rashis in a birth chart, based on traditional astrology, are scrapped. Secondly, for predictions the ascendant is treated as the first house and it is taken as the house of the first Rashi, i.e., Aries and moving progressively in a sequence up to the 12th house being that of Pisces.

To stop the evil influence of each planet, various measures are suggested by astrologers on the basis of lal kitab. These measures change the flow of negative force and bring positive forces in the life of a person. similarly  the  Best  Vastu Shastra Consultants  in Delhi , aligns the structure of the house or any building in such a way that it captures  positive energy and reduces the impact of negative energy .

For bringing positive desired results in life any person can consult a Lal Kitab Astrologer in Delhi as they combine the study of astrology and palmistry for accurate predictions.