Vastu principles for apartments and flats

Vastu principles attract the positive energy and bring prosperity and happiness to the occupants of the house or building. The   principles were perfected in the ancient India.  It is believed that the energy coming constantly from the natural elements can be harnessed to get the best results for the occupants of houses. The most of the principles were applied to buildings made from the scratch. But these days, it is not possible to construct the house on the plot of land.   Most of the people are living in apartments and flats, where cost of the apartment decides whether they will buy or not. The vastu principles are overlooked. But there are principles of vastu that can be followed in apartments to attract the positive vibrations of five elements of the nature.

The buyers can easily see, whether the plot of land, where apartments are built is square or rectangle shaped or not. If the plot has any other shape than these two shapes, then the apartment should not be bought at all. There should be no water body or pond near south or west direction of the plot. If the main entrance to the building is towards south or west in the south west corner, the building has to be avoided by the buyers. This type of entrance brings bad luck. All the water pipes coming from the building should be towards the direction of north and north east. By ensuring Vastu shastra consultants in Delhi that building has these features, the buyers of the flats in such buildings can bring prosperity and luck in their lives.

Inside the flats, the buyers can also ensure that the main door of the entrance to the flat is from north and north east. If there is any confusion regarding the positioning of door of the flat, the owners of the flats can consult the vastu expert.  It is easy to make the size of master bed room bit bigger than other bed rooms. And the master bed has to be in the south west corner of the house or flat. .Bed rooms in north east or North West can be used by the children or bachelors. The couples should never use bed room in this direction. Toilets have to be in the North West or south east Vastu shastra consultants in Delhi direction but never in sacred direction of north east. Also easily one can make sure that number of windows or doors is even not odd.


Vastu allows positive energy of the nature to come in the house

Vastu shastra is science practice in Indian since ancient times this science believes that nature is constantly throwing energy around us. The positive energy can be absorbed by aligning ourselves in the proper direction. The homes and dwelling can be made in such a way that they are able to receive the positive energy. The basic aim of vastru is to create conditions in the homes and building to get the energy from nature.

An experienced vastu shastra makes some alterations in the existing buildings by incorporating some features or changing the direction of mirrors or doors. The new buildings are made on vastu p principles right from their foundations to the full structure.

Following principles for homes

North east is considered the most auspicious direction in the house. This is known as direction of fire. That is why it is suggested in the vastu that this place should be fixed for kitchen.  The south east direction is not considered good for the couple or elders of the house. The south east direction can be used for bathrooms or keeping electrical generators. Also it is believed that there should be no extension in the southern part of the house as it brings bad luck or negative energy.

Then there are some small changes that can be made in the existing houses or structures. The placement of mirror in the bedroom can have significant impact on the relations between couples living there and also on the level of concentration of the kids in their sturdy room.  The mirror should be in north or east direction. Similarly, all the glass decorative pieces, showpieces and such items can be installed in the north and east directions.

The vastu also Best vastu Shasta consultants in Delhi suggests that entrance of a house should be free from any clutter as it is the main gate for happiness and prosperity.  The south side should not be used as entrance into a house. The expert vastu shastri will keep a mirror in such a way that the person will appear entering into house from north and east direction, which is considered auspicious in vastu

The vastu principles for industry and business

 Businessman has to make huge investment in a plot for construction of factory or office. The shape of the plot should not be irregular and it must not have any other construction on the plot. The tube well or underwater tank in the plot can bring ill luck to the business.  The correct shape of the plot can brings wealth and positive energy to the occupants of the plot. The businessman should Vastu shastra consultants in Delhi consult a   vastu expert before risking huge investment in wrong plots.