Basic principles of vastu and how it helps a person

Vastu shastra is an ancient Indian science of Vedic origin that deals with the construction of the building, homes and other living structures. The basic principle of says that a building should be in harmony with the five natural forces. These forces are water, air, fire, space and earth. By aligning with the natural forces, the house or any building attracts positive vibrations and brings peace, prosperity and happiness to the occupants of the building. This basic philosophy is outlined in some rules, which are mentioned here.

In vastu, it is suggested that people going to buy plot of land must choose one that is in south, west, or in south west direction.   These directions are considered more auspicious than other directions. The plots that are in square shape are considered well than those that are in irregular shape. There are some trees, which are not considered auspicious, if they are in the vicinity of the house.   The mango, banyan and jamun tree fall into this category. As far as possible, the house should have open space around it at the time of construction. The level of open space should be higher in south and west than north or north east.

The entrance of the house has to be in the north, east or north east direction for luck, prosperity and happiness .The living room can be in the north, east or north east direction. The bedroom should be in the south, west or south west direction. According to the vastu, best vastu shastra consultants in Delhi  the best place for kitchen is southeast .if it is not possible to have kitchen in that direction, then south east can also be the right direction

The study room should be designed to allow the person to face north or east direction while in the study. The color of the study room must be yellow, pink, or white, for attracting positive energy.

How it helps a person

Vastu ensures that maximum positive energy is attracted in the house from the nature. This energy gives tremendous peace of mind to the person living there. The vastu also creates designs that optimize the use of space. The space is made comfortable for the person. Each room of the house has a proper place for utilizing natural energy flow .A house built according to the vastu has well Vastu shastra consultants in Delhi ventilated rooms and kitchen; which  automatically ensures flow of fresh air and natural light throughout the house. The clutter free and bright house is the first step towards enlightenment of mind and relaxed body.